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“Living My Own Western”

Ben Christensen is a western lifestyle photographer. In his work, he aims to capture the beauty of the American West and everything that comes with it.

“When I think about what started my love for the western lifestyle, I think about the week-long horse packing trail ride I took in the mountains of Utah with my dad. Camping every night under the stars and only bringing what we could on the pack horses. That trip will forever be one of my favorite memories.”

Arizona will forever be home. Having grown up in Tempe, Arizona, Ben is now based in Mesa, Arizona and travels all over. His interest in photography began when he started documenting these rad adventures he went on. One day, one of his friends asked him to shoot his wedding. The favor was returned when his friend’s mom paid him $800. From there came many more paid photoshoots. Then even more. It turned into a career not long after it all started.

Ben has shot lifestyle photography all over the world, specifically for fashion, outdoor adventures, weddings, various events, and of course, campaigns within the western industry. He loves people; especially learning about them, hearing their stories, and finding out what they’re passionate about. Ben absolutely loves photographing people in their element while adding in a bit of his own flair. He admires every part of his job and cannot wait to shoot more in the western category, continuing to explore his passion, and sharing his vision of the old west.

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