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About Watson’s Hat Shop

Eric Watson


Inspired by the fedora worn by Indiana Jones I began my quest to learn the art of hat making by restoring fine vintage hats when I was 12 years old. After graduating from college with a degree in Aviation Technology and International Studies I completed my commercial pilot training, and during fIight training met my wife Emily. Later, during my hat equipment searches I was able to have some well seasoned hatters share their knowledge and hatter’s equipment with me.

Back then people took pride in what they wore, because it was tailor made by a master craftsman. My hats are made with pride and will last a lifetime when worn properly. At Watson’s Hat Shop you will enjoy the natural luster and signature finishes that make our hats functional works of art.


Watson’s Hat Shop is a family operated business with some great employees as well. We take pride in the Watson name and are proud to work together and make beautiful hats for generations to come.

Emily (wife): Hat Maker

Brad (Uncle): Hatter

Dawn (Mother)-Marketing Liason

Maddie (Cowgirl): Sales/Finishing Apprentice


Even our shop dog Derby knows how to put his skills to work to make a hat!

Stop by Derby’s Corner and he will show you around the shop.

watson team