At Watson’s Hat Shop we are FULL SERVICE HAT SHOP. Since we custom manufacture hats the old fashion way we can restore old hats completely. Some hat shops can only do the minimal, but at Watson’s we have all the proper hatter’s equipment and knowledge to make that old hat look new again!

At Watson’s we re-block hats, clean hats, repair hats, leather sweatband repair, and more.  Our hat restorations and hat cleaning service are known for top quality.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of manufacturers using poor quality materials, please call us first to make sure that your hat can be worked on.

Give us a call or email us for an estimate.  Or stop in the shop during our normal business hours.

When sending a hat restoration to us please make sure to include your contact info and hat measurement. Please make sure this measurement is not based solely on a hat size ticket inside a hat. Please make sure to measure your head as follows under the Custom Order link watching the Step 1 video.

Cleaning & Restoration Services

Includes a serious deep cleaning, re-blocking, refinishing of the felt, new leather sweatband, shaping, and new liner. (This is recommended for finer fur felt hats that are extremely dirty)

Deep cleaning, re-blocking, new leather sweatband, shaping, and new liner.

Clean the dirt from within the felt of the hat, additional fees may apply based on condition for additional cleaning needs.

Hat is placed on proper hat block, stiffened, and then steamed to proper shape. Hat will be lightly cleaned, but depending on cleaning needs the hat could require a Deep Cleaning.

Cut down the brim of the hat evenly all the way around using precise hat making tools and technique. The edge of the brim is rounded and finished.

A simple removal of the loose dirt from the felt. Can be done while waiting in most circumstances.

A simple shaping of the brim or crown. In some cases depending on style of existing hat the hat may need to be re-blocked.

Using a rare hat block stretching machine we are able to stretch the entire crown of the hat without just shaping the sweatband area of the hat.

(This can be done up to almost  a whole hat size, but further sizing requires replacement of sweatband)

The luster on felt can be restored by using certain technique. However, this low rich sheen can only be done to dark felt colors.

Repair Services

Replace old ribbon on hat with the finest quality grosgrain ribbon.

Attach fine quality grosgrain ribbon to the outer edge of the brim on the hat.

Replace old existing leather sweatband using the finest quality goat hide.

Eric Watson - Watson's Hats

Brim of the hat will be curled or rolled depending on customer’s request.

Re-flanging the brim of the hat is something required for a brim that is 3″ or less in width. Most likely done a dress hat or fedora. Using a wood flange the hat is placed on this using certain technique to ensure a smooth shape in the brim that looks great.

Watson's Hats - hat making forms

Sizer consist of a stiffening agent that has been used for many years. Using the highest quality stiffener the fur barbs that make up the felt of the hat are bound tighter. This is high recommended on hats that are older.

A new sating hat liner is placed and tacked inside the hat.

Watson's Hats hat liner with logo

Hat band, other than ribbon, is placed and tack on the hat band using strong thread that will hold up.